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Description 🌀 invites you to dominate the top-down battlefield of the online arena. Gather orbs to evolve your warrior, enhancing your weapon range while sacrificing speed. How many foes can you conquer before meeting your fate? 🗡️

Dive into the fray on frivls, collecting orbs to ascend through evolutionary stages. Unleash swords, axes, and more upon adversaries until your inevitable downfall. How far can you evolve before succumbing to the clash?

- Focus on orb collection along the periphery when starting out.
- Your weapon range expands with size, but so does your sluggishness; tread carefully!
- Embrace agility while smaller to outmaneuver foes and survive longer.

Engage in intense slashing combat, leveling up to over 15 character models. Craft your unique playstyle and seize every opportunity for victory. Trade experience points for a swift sprint when needed.

For more adrenaline-pumping IO action, explore our other acclaimed titles like,, and! 🎮
Move your mouse to control the character's movement
Left click to attack
Right click to sprint


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