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Description Home Island
Looking for a family adventure game? 🌴 Try our Home Island: Family Pin! This free puzzle game offers a delightful experience of village life on a paradise island. 🏝️ Your mission is to pull the pin to solve puzzles, follow an engaging story, and enjoy exciting adventures on the island.

In the game, a family's cruise ship faces an unexpected accident due to severe weather while exploring a new island. 🚢🌧️ The father goes missing, but fortunately, the mother and their daughter survive and find themselves on a mysterious island. 🏝️ As you play, you'll help them navigate this strange new world, solve puzzles, and uncover the island's secrets.

Don't miss out on the chance to immerse yourself in this captivating adventure! If you're looking for more fun and similar games, visit our Casual Games category here: Casual Games. Get ready to pull the pin and start your journey today! 🌟
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● Pull the pin to get the wood, matchbox, food and other items needed to survive on an island. Just one small mistake can make the mom and her daughter lose their lives.
● Unlock new facilities
●Earn money to build a dream land and make it home


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