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Kings Clash

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Embark on a world-conquering adventure! 🌎🚀 Form your army by merging minions into mighty heroes, equipped with an arsenal of combat weapons. Conquer castles strategically using various equipment. Expand your influence, aiming to become the ultimate powerhouse in the game. Are you ready to lead your forces to victory and dominate the realm? Dive into the action now! Discover the thrill of conquest and strategic warfare, available at the gaming paradise Friv Games. Forge alliances, scheme tactics, and rise to dominance! 🏰🎮 World Conquest Gaming Powerhouse Friv Games

The game is controlled by taps and drags.
Your mission is to merge the same units to get next level unit.
To start the game, just tap on the center of the screen.
During the battle, you can send reinforcements by tap to the place where you want to send it.



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