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Description Kurofune Samurai
Embark on an epic journey with Kurofune Samurai, a free third-person action game set in 19th-century Japan. Play as a samurai answering the call for help from an oppressed village, aiming to liberate the people from a tyrannical ruler and facing off against the ruler's guards and ninjas. 🏯⚔️

In Shizukana, life was once peaceful until the American government sought a trade agreement with the just lord ruling the region. When the lord refused, the Americans armed his brother, Akumo, turning him against his sibling. Empowered by American military weapons, Akumo seized control of Shizukana, subjecting the people to harsh oppression. As Akumo's cruelty escalated, the enslaved villagers, exhausted and desperate, sought aid from an old samurai.

Upon learning of the villagers' plight, the samurai, driven by a sense of justice, agreed to assist. Now, armed with honor and skill, the samurai sets out to investigate and rescue the people from the clutches of tyranny. Immerse yourself in the captivating narrative, battle against formidable foes, and restore justice to Shizukana. Play Kurofune Samurai now at juegos friv and experience the thrill of being a legendary warrior in feudal Japan!
Left mouse button - Attack, Scroll wheel - Secondary attack, Right mouse button - Lock on target, WASD keys - Movement, E - Block, Q - Roll, P - Pause, SHIFT - Run


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