Radiation Zone

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Description :
Embark on a thrilling FPS shooter adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies and military threats. Your mission is to clear the area of terrorists within the restricted radiation zone. Arm yourself with various weapons like a sniper rifle, AK-47, knife, RPG, and more, all available in your inventory. Collect loot to enhance your survival chances, and use resources wisely by setting up tents and making fires. Gather four clothes and four branches to construct a tent. Stay vigilant for water and food to sustain life. Take on this challenging mission now! 🔫🧟 Explore more at Free Games.

*escape* = go to menu
*WASD* = movement
*ctrl* = crouch
* left shift* = sprint
*q*, *e* = lean left, right
*tab* = inventory
*f* = pick up item or inspect weapon box
*1*..*3* - switch weapons
*left mouse* = fire
*right mouse* =aim
*g* = grenade
*double mouse left* = click on item to use
*double mouse right* = click on item to drop


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