Dog Puzzle Story 3

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Description :
Embark on the delightful adventure of Dog Puzzle Story with Frivls games! 🐾 Join the lovable puppy Charlie in a winter-themed journey, navigating through 4000+ levels of vibrant Match 3 puzzles. Arrange toys, dog pillows, and treats scattered across the garden to help Charlie complete the challenge. Dive into the fun as you put all the items in their right place and unearth countless bones. Get ready for a joyful and entertaining experience in this charming puzzle game! 🧩🐶

Line up the dog pillows, toy bones, and paw prints to create combinations of three or more of the same items. Valid combinations will pop and vanish from the board, leaving more space for new items to tumble down. In this puzzle-based dog game, the level objectives are displayed in the panel to the left of the board.


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