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Santa Wheel

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Santa Wheel is a delightful game filled with holiday cheer, challenging you to guide a jolly, rolling Santa Claus through 30 exciting levels! With its vibrant and original graphics, Santa Wheel promises to be a whimsical time-killer that is both simple and addicting. 🎅🌈 Take control of your Santa's acceleration and braking, ensuring perfect navigation to conquer all levels.

Your ultimate mission is to assist Santa in completing each level, navigating through Monster Land, and making his way back to the North Pole to save Christmas! 🎄 Immerse yourself in the festive spirit of this magical Christmas season and enjoy the thrilling adventure that Santa Wheel offers. Remember, a helpful tip is to follow the stars as you guide Santa through this enchanting journey.

Experience the joy and excitement of Santa Wheel, and add an extra layer of fun to your gaming experience by exploring more games on Friv. Happy gaming and Merry Christmas! 🎮🎁

Mouse click or tap to play Use classic directional keys to move Santa



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