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Description offers an exhilarating io-multiplayer gaming experience where players battle to ascend the leaderboard. Choose from three distinct loadouts – Assault, Shotguns, or Machine – and pick one of the nine unique sprites to play as. Engage in fierce combat and strive for glory in this dynamic world. The game allows both public and private play, letting you create a room with a unique name for private sessions with friends. Join the community on Discord for a more interactive experience: To play, select your preferred loadout, spawn in a public server, and eliminate opponents to claim their weapons. Keep an eye out for floating guns that provide health boosts. Discover hidden easter eggs and enjoy the thrill of climbing ladders without taking damage. Connect with the developer at or through social links on the login screen for feedback and suggestions. Immerse yourself in's action-packed gameplay on the Friv Games platform.
1. Arrow Keys to move around and jump. Alternatively you can use WASD-Space 2. Use your mouse pointer to aim , left click to shoot and right click to scope out 3. Press number keys 1 to 9 to select a different gun and hold to view more information


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