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Skibidi Toilet IO (Dop Dop Yes Yes)

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Skibidi Toilet Io is a zany and uproarious game that puts you in control of a toilet-bound character! With a variety of heads to choose from, collect toilet paper to boost your power and dominate the arena by pushing rival toilets out. Engage in unexpected battles with other quirky toilet-heads, forming alliances or dueling in the exhilarating two-player mode. Navigate this absurd colosseum filled with commodes, striving to be the ultimate throne ruler. And for more gaming fun, check out friv games! Get ready to dive into the chaotic hilarity and make a splash in this unconventional toilet showdown.

Desktop WASD or ZQSD for Player 1 Arrow Keys or UJHK for Player 2 Mobile Touch the left side of the screen to control Analog for Player 1 Touch the right side of the screen to control Analog for Player 2



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