Winter Clash 3d

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Description :
🎅❄️ This Christmas, the mischievous elves are hatching a wicked plot to seize Santa's sacred hideaway and awaken the malevolent Baba Yaga, the Pagan Idol, in our world. 🧝‍♂️✨ But fear not, as you embark on a thrilling mission to thwart their sinister intentions. Grab your trusty weapon and unleash righteous fury upon all who dare to stand in your path in the exhilarating team shooter, Winter Clash 3D. 🚀🔥

Assume the iconic role of a mighty Santa Claus, armed to the teeth with holiday spirit and determination. Your quest: infiltrate the eerie, long-forgotten lighthouse island, where the Pagan Idol slumbers, and reduce it to smoldering ashes within the warmth of your Christmas fire. 🏰🔥

Join the festive battle, and together, let's ensure that this Christmas remains a time of joy, merriment, and goodwill for all. Play now on Friv and save the holiday spirit! 🎮🎁



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