Stick Merge

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Description :
Help your stickman complete his sniper missions in Stick Merge, a game skillfully blending shooting and idle gameplay. On the battlefield, you'll need to aim precisely at your enemies when they're exposed and avoid wasting your ammo on foes protected behind walls or wooden crates. Between each mission, you can purchase new weapons and then merge them to increase their levels. With time and a lot of money, you'll be able to unlock 50 different weapons, each more powerful based on its level. And to successfully complete your missions, you'll need sufficient firepower to eliminate all your enemies without dying!

Experience the thrill of strategic shooting and incremental progression as you guide your stickman through various challenges. Stick Merge offers a unique blend of action and strategy, keeping you engaged as you strive to become the ultimate sniper. Dive into the intense battles, upgrade your arsenal, and dominate the battlefield.

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