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Stickman Brothers Nether Parkour

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Embark on a thrilling survival battle with the 4 stickman brothers! Help them navigate the netherworld filled with obstacles, facing danger at every turn. Join forces with your friends to overcome challenges in this epic adventure. Hurry, the journey is perilous, and falling is not an option. Guide the 4 stickmen safely to the portal ahead, completing tasks in each section to ensure their survival. 🀺🌟 Dive into the excitement of Stickman Games at Stickman Games. Work together, conquer obstacles, and experience the adrenaline of this cooperative survival quest!

4 players are played in 2 groups Use WASD Arrow keys to play players Use the button in the game to activate group transitions Each player can collect the box of his own color collect the boxes and reach the door mobile play is available



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