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Stickman Merge Battle: Arena

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"Dive into the thrilling world of Stickman Merge, a strategic merge game where you showcase your prowess against red stickman invaders. Form your stickman army, demonstrate tactical brilliance in troop formations, and conquer all bosses. Unlocking all stickmen and completing the game is a feat achieved by less than 1% of players. đŸ¤¯đŸŽŽ Features 3D stickmen, escalating difficulty levels, intuitive controls, and challenging bosses every ten levels. A tactical game suitable for all ages. Ready for the challenge? Play now on Friv Games and prove your strategic skills! 🕹ī¸đŸ†

- Click Sword and arrow button to purchase units - Click Tile button to purchase tiles - Drag units between tiles to improve your strategic positioning - Merge two units of the same type to get the next tier unit



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