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Welcome to Splash Fest, an exciting addition to the world of Craig of the Creek Games available at! We're thrilled to present this fan-favorite category to our audience, completely free of charge. Dive into the challenge and see if you can emerge victorious in the thrilling Splash Fest competition from Craig of the Creek!

Embark on a maze adventure set in the enchanting forest, using your arrow keys to navigate. Equip your trusty water gun and take aim with the spacebar. Your mission is to not only target boxes, eerie toys, and various obstacles but also engage in water duels with opponents armed with the same weaponry, all while racing against the clock to avoid defeat.

As you progress, the mazes become increasingly complex, providing more excitement as you navigate through the challenges. So, why wait? Start your Splash Fest journey now at and stay tuned for what's yet to unfold in this thrilling game! Get ready to splash your way to victory!

Use the arrows and spacebar.


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