Table Tennis Ultra Mega Tournament

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Welcome to the captivating world of Table Tennis Ultra Mega Tournament, a thrilling sports game that brings together your cherished characters from Cartoon Network series like Ben 10, Adventure Time, and more! Test your ping pong prowess in a fast-paced tournament filled with animated icons that you adore. To make this experience even more exciting, you can find this game on the friv ls website.

Engage in intense table tennis tournaments, each comprising a series of matches and special challenges, including precision strikes and nimble dodges. With each successful tournament, you'll unlock a delightful collection of 20 cartoon heroes and villains. Matches are short and sweet, played to 5 points, with the first to reach that score emerging victorious.

The gameplay is simple yet engrossing. Maneuver your paddle to serve or return the ball, ensuring it bounces on your side before returning it to your opponent. Volleys aren't allowed, but if your adversary fails to keep the ball in play, you'll gain a point even if it touches your paddle. You can replay rounds as many times as needed to secure the win.

Table Tennis Ultra Mega Tournament features a delightful roster of characters. Begin with ten favorites like Beast Boy, Raven, Ice Bear, Gumball, Jake the Dog, and more. Win tournaments to unlock an additional set of ten characters from shows like We Bare Bears, Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, and more.

This exhilarating game made its debut in July 2020, a creation of the skilled game developer Happylander, exclusively for Cartoon Network. Whether you're a casual gamer or a die-hard fan, this game offers endless fun and challenges that will keep you hooked. So, grab your paddle, step into the animated world, and see if you can emerge as the ultimate ping pong champion! Play it now on for an extra dose of excitement.



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