Vega Mix 2: Mystery of Island

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Certainly! Here's the description in English:

Welcome to Match-3 - an exhilarating three-in-a-row adventure set on a mysterious island! Join two courageous girls as they embark on a mission to save Alice's beloved husband from an ancient idol. Match and swap colorful pieces to clear the board, overcome obstacles, and advance through the enchanting island. Challenge yourself with tricky puzzles that demand strategic thinking. Experience the thrill of completing levels and witness your score escalating with every match. Enjoy! Discover more fun with games on Poki Games .

Match 3 or more pieces in a line to explode them.
Match 4 pieces to create the Rocket. The Rocket blows up the whole line!
Match 4 pieces to form a square to create the Spinner. The Spinner destroys one of the targets!
Make a T-shaped match of 5 pieces to create the Bomb. The Bomb makes a massive explosion on the board!
Match 5 pieces in a line to create the Rainbow Flower. The Rainbow Flower explodes pieces of the same color!


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