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Description Angry Boy Pedro and His Friend
Who is this bald guy? Is he a terrifying monster, a friendly neighbor, someone's boyfriend, or just a friend? Prepare to face your fears as you step into a mysterious house and unravel its secrets. Your mission is to solve the enigma of this eerie place and find your way out.

As you dive deeper into this horror story, you'll come across collectibles and notes that unveil Pedro's past and his motivations. What secrets and ghosts from the past are hidden in this dreadful place? Will you be able to uncover the truth and find the path to freedom? Your survival depends on finding a way out and escaping this mysterious location. Your choices in the game will shape the ending of this chilling tale.

The main rule is to avoid catching Pedro's eye. If you're hiding, stay as quiet as possible. You have the power to influence the plot by answering questions, making the right decisions, finding all the clues, and meticulously exploring this story filled with enigmas. The outcome of the story depends on your choices: will you defeat the sinister figure, will he become your friend, or perhaps even your boyfriend? It's all up to you.

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As you embark on this adventure, remember that your decisions will determine your fate. Each choice you make brings you closer to the truth or deeper into the mystery. Will you uncover the hidden secrets and escape the horrors that lurk within? The answers lie in your hands. Dive in and discover the truth, if you dare.
* WASD - walk
* Space - jump
* E - interaction with objects / Release the object
* LMB - throw an object in your hands
* I - inventory
* Esc - pause
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