AOD - Art Of Defense

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Description :
Welcome to the thrilling world of AOD - Art of Defence! In this adrenaline-pumping tower defense extravaganza, you are the beacon of hope in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. As the esteemed Commander of the A.O.D squad, your mission is clear: thwart the nefarious plans of Mr. Ivil's relentless thugs and uncover the secrets of the lost Inola project.

Prepare yourself for a visually stunning experience with mesmerizing isometric graphics that bring this desolate world to life. Build your technological fortresses amidst the chaos and unleash your tactical prowess to outsmart the enemy at every turn.

But beware, the challenges ahead are as dynamic as they are dangerous. With over 500 sectors to conquer in real-time battles, you'll need to adapt quickly and strategize wisely. From quaint villages to sprawling megapolises, every location is a battleground waiting to be dominated.

Explore a myriad of Tower Defence modes, including thrilling escapes, enigmatic fog battles, and brutal survival challenges. With over 1000 unique tower upgrades at your disposal, including tanks, miniguns, and air defense systems, the possibilities for domination are endless.

But no hero fights alone in this epic saga. Rally behind six unique heroes, each with their own strengths and abilities, and watch them evolve as you progress. And when the odds seem insurmountable, unleash devastating nuclear bombs, ionic satellite attacks, ballistic barrages, and other powerful boosters to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

With hundreds of card upgrades available for each tower, the path to victory is paved with endless customization and strategic depth. Are you ready to rise to the challenge and lead humanity to salvation, or will you succumb to the darkness that threatens to consume us all?

Join the ranks of AOD - Art of Defence and become the hero that the world desperately needs. The fate of mankind hangs in the balance, and only you can decide its ultimate destiny. Let the battle for survival begin!

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Use the left mouse button to place a tower
Use the scroll wheel/pinch the touchpad to zoom in/out

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