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Cookies Must Die Online

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Embark on an exhilarating adventure filled with action in "Cookies Must Die Online," an outstanding online game where you aid the courageous Jack in vanquishing malevolent mutant cookies that have seized control of the city! Crush foes, endure assaults, and outsmart big bosses with your cunning moves and skills.

Meet Jack, a covert super-agent armed with special government-installed powers! Equipped with the finest weaponry, he leaps into the battlefield, initiating an intense and thrilling war. Deadly jellies, irate cookies, ominous chocolates, and numerous sweet yet perilous characters await your presence.

Engage in this epic battle, showcasing your prowess in overcoming challenges and defeating adversaries. Dive into the gaming universe at Friv Games to experience the ultimate blend of excitement and danger. Are you ready to face the sweet but deadly challenge? 🍪🎮 Cookies MustDie Online Gaming Adventure Action Thrills

PC controls:
Use the mouse to aim and push the character to destroy the cookies.
Mobile and tablet controls:
Touch the screen to aim and boost the character to destroy the cookies.



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