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Description presents an immersive online first-person shooter experience, offering an array of maps, weapons, and game modes for players worldwide. Engage in intense battles against friends or global adversaries and unlock additional features by logging into your account!

Dive into Skillful Play

Embodying the spirit of competitive FPS classics like CS:GO, rewards skill and strategy. With just a click, enter into thrilling matches across various maps and modes. Team up with friends or dive into solo action. For those with specific preferences, custom games are available, allowing you to tailor your experience.

Explore Diverse Game Modes offers a plethora of engaging game modes:

- FFA (Free for All): Engage in a chaotic battle where every player is your adversary.
- TDM (Team Deathmatch): Join forces with teammates to outscore the opposing team.
- Hardpoint: Secure victory by controlling designated areas, testing both teamwork and individual skill.
- KC (Kill Confirmed): Collect dog tags from fallen foes to secure victory.
- Domination: Strategize and coordinate with your team to capture and defend key points on the map.

Climb the Leaderboards

Challenge yourself against skilled opponents and strive to claim the top spot on the leaderboards. Customize your gameplay settings to suit your style, gaining a competitive edge and asserting your dominance on the battlefield.

Unlock New Possibilities

With an account, access exclusive features such as purchasing new weapons and items from the in-game shop. Expand your arsenal and personalize your loadout, storing your acquisitions in your locker for future battles.

Experience the adrenaline-pumping action of and emerge as a formidable force in the world of online FPS gaming. Dive in now and showcase your skills on the battlefield! For more gaming adventures, check out Crazy Games.

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WASD = move
Space = jump
Shift = crouch / slide
Enter = chat
~ or Esc = pause
Left-click = shoot
Right-click / L = iron sight

New Map Alert!

Curious about the latest addition to Look no further! Vineyard, the fifth and freshest map, debuted at the onset of 2024, offering players a brand-new arena to conquer.

Sharpen Your Aim!

Looking to enhance your accuracy in Here's a pro tip: Familiarize yourself with aiming down sights. This simple yet effective technique minimizes bullet spread, significantly boosting your precision and effectiveness in combat.



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