Subway Clash 2

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Description :
🌟 In these challenging times, a nefarious religious sect known as the "Witnesses of the Illyich" has taken root within the confines of the abandoned Moscow depot. Under the leadership of the infamous zealot, Bonch-Bruyevich, their sinister objective looms large – a radiological assault on Moscow, aimed at toppling the constitutional order.

🔫 As the commanding officer of the GRU Special Forces, you bear the weighty responsibility of cleansing these treacherous underground labyrinths once and for all, eradicating all traces of criminality. Stand firm, brave soldier, and lead your team into the heart of darkness, arming yourselves with newfound weapons as you progress.

🚇 The labyrinthine Old Metro conceals myriad secrets within its winding tunnels, some of which harbor unexpected hideouts and thrilling surprises. Your mission is clear – protect the city, thwart the nefarious plot, and preserve order. The fate of Moscow rests in your hands!

Join the action at ​Friv and conquer the depths of the Old Metro to save the day! 💪🔥



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