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Flora Combinatorix

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Cultivate your green haven in Frivls' Plant Merge! 🌿 Merge pairs of plants to unveil hidden flowers and uncover their secrets.

- Level up and acquire new shelves by merging plants!
- Tend to the greenhouse, clearing dust from the shelves!
- Earn gold coins to shop for plants in the store!
- Upgrade to expedite pot creation, cultivating and merging higher-level flowers!
- Unlock all 40 concealed plants and unravel their mysteries! 🌺🌱 #PlantMerge #GreenThumbGaming #FloralAdventure

Click on the pot at the bottom in the center of the screen to prepare it and place it on the shelf, it is also automatically prepared, but slowly.

Did you create a pot on the shelf? Great, now click on it and grow a flower in it. He will bring you gold coins. Connect the plants by dragging the flower to the second one to get the plant a level higher and earn more coins.

Double-clicking on the plant on the shelf allows you to open its secret.



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