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Football - Soccer

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🎮 Dive into the thrilling world of football with the "Football - Soccer" online simulator! ⚽ Experience the excitement and emotions of a real football match in this unique gameplay. With realistic 3D graphics, immerse yourself in virtual stadiums, making each championship unforgettable.
Explore the game now on frivls and kick off your virtual football journey! 🏆🌐

WASD - controlling the movement of a football player on the playing field.
If the ball belongs to a player, then:
Left arrow - pass to another player;
Up arrow - kick towards the opponent's goal;
The right arrow is the acceleration of the football player.

If the ball belongs to the opponent, then:
Left arrow - choose another player;
Up arrow - selection of the ball from the opponent;
Right arrow - following the player with the ball and further struggle.



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