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Description is a thrilling free-to-play multiplayer .io FPS game that requires no downloads. 🎮 Invite your friends to join this action-packed, competitive first-person shooter adventure with a focus on skill and aerial combat.

🔫 Armed with 8 unique and crazy weapons, dash and fly through vibrant arenas in deathmatch mode, facing up to 16 players. The objective is not just simple kills; aim for the most spectacular combos to earn bonus points and secure the highest score at the end of each match.

🚀 Enhance your gameplay with the ability to rocket-jump, teleport, and utilize a jetpack. Equip a flamethrower to soar high in the air, raining destruction from above, or strategically use jump pads for impossible leaps. Master the maps, discover weapon locations, and seize bonuses with special functions like the Lifegun ray that vampirizes opponents, the flamethrower doubling as a portable thruster, and the Magic Milk providing a brief x3 damage bonus.

Experience the adrenaline, showcase your skills, and dominate the arena in! 🚀🔥
### Controls
- Movement: W, A, S, D
- Shoot: LMB
- Jump: Space or RMB
- Switch weapons: Mouse wheel or 1,2,3...8
- Chat: Return
- Settings: ESC
- Reload by picking up weapons


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