Gridpunk - 3v3 Battle Royale

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Description :
In the electrifying battleground of the game, prepare yourself for the ultimate showdowns alongside your allies, orchestrating intense tournaments and daring confrontations with rival contenders. Amidst this arena, lies a trove of priceless treasures awaiting those brave enough to claim victory, forging ahead while trading in the spoils of war. Brace yourself for heart-pounding clashes against fearsome adversaries! Gridpunk 3v3 Battle Royale: Warmind injects new blood with its array of characters and armaments. Only the indomitable warriors will emerge triumphant from this gripping skirmish.

This multiplayer spectacle beckons you into its fold, as anticipation mounts while you await the gathering of a full team of six players. As you automatically enlist in the green faction, take command of one of its valiant members. Each warrior bears a green health gauge above, ready to face off against the scarlet-clad combatants of the opposing team, marked by their crimson indicators. Maneuvering your chosen champion across the battlefield demands nimble keystrokes, guiding them with precision using the directional arrows on your keyboard. Engage your foes with calculated precision, leveraging your mouse skills to unleash devastating attacks. Amidst the chaos, seize upon the arsenal of weapons, healing kits, and strategic assets strewn across the battlefield. Dominating the upper echelons of the screen, the indicators on either side serve as a stark reminder of the losses endured by each faction.

Gridpunk 3v3 Battle Royale heralds a new era in the realm of Shooters, delivering an unparalleled rush of adrenaline and excitement! And for even more gaming thrills, explore the plethora of titles awaiting you in the Poki Games section.

WASD = move
Move mouse = aim
Left-click = action 1
Right-click = action 2
Space = action 3
1/2/3 = upgrade
Q = heal
E = revive
Tab = open minimap

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