Moon Clash Heroes

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Description :
🚀 Join the space forces as a rookie! 🌌 Forge your path as a fearless spy, capable of eliminating adversaries with a single shadowy strike. Step into the colossal shoes of a Terminator armed with a devastating mass destruction system and crush your foes. Don the role of a special forces operative wielding a Tesla-type lightning gun, or assume control of a remote strike bot armed with a photon weapon. In the boundless expanse of the space squad, the possibilities are endless.

🌕 Embark on a thrilling mission to explore every corner of the abandoned lunar base, bask in the breathtaking vistas of deep space, and triumph over your adversaries. The command places great faith in you, soldier! 🌟

👉 Ready to take on the challenge? Play now on Friv and prove your mettle in the cosmos! 🛰️👾



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