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Description immerses you in an expansive MMORPG .io adventure where up to 100 players roam a vast open-world setting. Traverse the terrain, gathering essential materials essential for crafting gear and honing your skills to excel in PvP encounters. Embark on a journey through an expansive landscape brimming with hidden treasures and unforeseen challenges. Whether you opt to join forces with a guild or venture forth as a lone warrior, the path to mastery beckons.

How to Play:
Beginner's Odyssey

Embark on your journey as a humble level 1 novice, bereft of gear or expertise. Engage in rudimentary tasks like woodcutting, mining, and fishing to bolster your abilities and fortify yourself against encounters with lesser foes such as rabbits.

Gather and Forge:

Utilize the fruits of your labor to fashion armor for defense and weapons for offense. Initially, fashion rudimentary gear from gathered wood, but swiftly progress to mining copper for superior creations. With 15 distinct resource varieties, the crafting possibilities in are boundless.

Refine Your Craft:

Ascend the ranks of proficiency to unlock access to superior resources. Upon achieving a woodcutting skill of level 5, you can tackle imposing pinewood trees. Engage with fauna, even those of a peaceful nature, as they often yield valuable loot.

Explore Diverse Territories:

Traverse the myriad zones within's expansive domain. Teleport across the map, navigating through non-PvP, PvP, and high-stakes PvP zones. In the perilous high-risk PvP regions, forge alliances and engage in combat with adversaries of all skill levels. Regardless of the zone, trading opportunities abound, fostering a dynamic player-driven economy.

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WASD = move
E = craft
Click the left mouse button = interact
Hold the left mouse button = aim
Space / the right mouse button = dash
Scroll wheel = zoom in / zoom out

How do I fight other players in

You have to head into a PvP zone. Fighting is disabled in some areas of the map.
How do I trade with other players

Approach another player and press "E". Try it out! Trading might help you get better items in the early game.



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