Spidey Swing

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Description :
Play the Spidey Friends In Amazing Adventures game to enjoy with Spidey and his amazing friends! Run along the rooftops with Spidey and his friends while completing all the missions. Three different Spider-People are teaming up for a mission where they swing around New York to take care of problems and villains, an experience we are delighted to present to you right here and now. Are you ready to swing from web to web in the game? Superhero spider power has become a reality! Now you can be a Web Swing Hero. Shoot the web and tackle every threat to your neighborhood. In this superhero game, you will utilize sticky spider ropes for flying and movement. You will play as a Web Swing Hero with spider-like abilities who uses his web to attach to every obstacle in the air. Use your rope to swing back and forth for ragdoll fun - simply shoot your web and soar. Don't forget to shoot spider webs and battle enemies along the way. Get ready for this adventure on the fantastic gaming site, frivls


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