Tri Achnid

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Tri-Achnid, available on, is an immersive action game that places you in the role of a unique three-legged creature on a mission to protect its precious egg sack and larvae. After its mate falls prey to a menacing monster, the fate of its offspring rests solely on your shoulders.

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey filled with challenges and danger. Your resilience, agility, and cunning will be put to the test as you guide this extraordinary creature through a world teeming with threats. The survival of your species depends on your ability to outmaneuver and outsmart your adversaries.

Tri-Achnid offers an intriguing blend of action, strategy, and survival, making every moment an adrenaline-pumping experience. With each obstacle and puzzle you encounter, you'll need to adapt and evolve to ensure the safety of your egg sack and larvae.

Venture into this captivating world, navigate treacherous terrain, and confront formidable foes. Will you prove to be the savior of your species, ensuring the survival of your precious offspring? Dive into the heart of the action on and discover the unique challenges and thrills that await in Tri-Achnid!

WASD position its head to balance its body Drag the left mouse button on the feet move


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