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Dive into the aquatic adventure of Stabfish.io, a captivating free iogame where you become a formidable marine creature armed with a lethal tusk. 🌊🦈🎮

Choose your character from a selection of sharks, whales, or dolphins, each with distinct skins and weaponry options. Decorate your weapon with the heads of defeated foes as you navigate the underwater realm.

Chain Bonus Explained:
A colored ring beneath each fish indicates a Chain Bonus. Continuously eliminate fishes with the same colored ring to earn additional points.

Hall of Fame:
The top 3 players with the highest scores of the day will be proudly showcased in the hall of fame for a week.

Embark on this thrilling underwater journey, conquer your foes, and etch your name in the Hall of Fame! 🏆🐠🔱 #Stabfishio #UnderwaterAdventure #GamingFun


For PC:
- Move your mouse to direct your fish.
- Click and hold to boost.

For Mobile:
1. Tap to control your fish with a D-pad.
2. Tap and hold to boost.

- Stab or be stabbed, leading to instant death!
- Collect food to fuel your boost tank.
- Score points by eliminating enemies and consuming food.
- Your weapon grows longer as you achieve higher scores.



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