Subway Surfers London

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Description :

Embark on a thrilling New Year's adventure in Subway Surfers London! Jake and his friends chose London as the backdrop for their celebrations, but their joy is cut short when a mischievous act attracts the attention of a relentless policeman. Now, Jake must navigate the bustling streets of London, evading the pursuing officer while seizing the opportunity to collect gold coins scattered along the way.

Despite the police pursuit, the latest update introduces a captivating visual makeover to the external environment, enhancing the overall gaming experience. The vibrant and dynamic streets of London serve as the backdrop for your adrenaline-pumping escape.

As you guide Jake through the intricate streets, your parkour skills will be put to the test. Maneuver through obstacles, perform daring stunts, and overcome traps scattered across the city. Your goal is to amass as many gold coins as possible, adding an extra layer of challenge to the exhilarating chase.

Subway Surfers London promises an immersive gaming experience, combining fast-paced action with the iconic landmarks of the British capital. Dive into the vibrant world of Subway Surfers and join Jake in a race against time. Will you outsmart the relentless policeman and celebrate the New Year's festivities in style?

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Left / Right Arrow = Move Left / Right
Up Arrow = Jump
Down Arrow : Roll
Space = Activate Hoverboard


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