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Embark on a thrilling adventure with BuildNow GG, an engaging online build-and-shoot game offered by Frivls Games . This game boasts an array of game modes, weapons, and diverse maps designed to challenge your skills. Test your mettle in various arenas, constructing your way to dominance in this amalgamation of strategic building and third-person shooter gameplay.

Join the innovative wave of online gaming as BuildNow GG combines the art of rapid building with precision shooting, ensuring an exhilarating challenge against opponents. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, aim training serves as an ideal initiation to master the game's controls. Engage in the online realm or host private matches in party mode, accommodating up to six players for an exclusive gaming experience.

Unleash your prowess by mastering an arsenal featuring a pistol, machine gun, sniper rifle, shotgun, and a pickaxe, each equipped with unlimited ammo and realistic ballistics. Switch between these weapons seamlessly during intense battles, strategizing and adapting as the situation demands.

Dive into a realm of personalization with BuildNow GG's extensive customization features. Tailor your visual quality, set FPS limits, toggle HDR, and fine-tune graphic settings. Not only that, enjoy complete control over key mapping, creating your optimal profile for seamless shooting and deft building maneuvers. Immerse yourself in this dynamic world, where skill and strategy pave the way to victory.

WASD or arrow keys = move
Space = jump

Q = wall
C = floor
V = ramp
Left shift = roof
F = edit
F = apply edit
Right-click = reset edit
Scroll wheel down = fast edit reset

Left-click = fire
Right-click = aim
Z = pickax
1 = slot 1
2 = slot 2
3 = slot 3
4 = slot 4
5 = slot 5

B = emotes
P = open chat
M = scoreboard


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